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Renting an ice rink

Global Green Ice is market leader in Europe in the field of renting synthetic ice rinks.
We install a synthetic ice rink for you for shorter or longer periods, in every season, in every shape and in every size!
We can offer you a very competitive rate for installing a Global Green Ice ice rink at your site!
It is important that the surface where the ice rink needs to be installed is fairly flat. If that is not the case, we will build a level sub floor to ensure optimal skating fun!
The Global Green Ice Service Team builds the ice rink fast and professionally.
The service level at Global Green Ice is exceptionally high and comes natural to the members of our service team.
A Global Green Ice ice rink is delivered to you complete and ready to skate!

So including :
1. Sufficient skates
2. A skate sharpening machine
3. A cleaning machine
4. A thorough maintenance instruction by the Global Green Ice Service Team
5. A system to store and hand out the skates
6. Building and breaking down of the ice rink
7. Transport of the ice rink

By this way of working, you can concentrate on the skating fun of your guests, and leave the operational matters to us!

Ask today about the possibilities to install a Global Green Ice ice rink at your event!!

Skating chairs for elderly and handicapped people

Global Green Ice has developed a special chair to make sure that elderly and handicapped people can also fully participate in the skating fun!
This concept is a perfect way to fully support the integration and acceptation of these groups. In a project where the aim is to promote social contact between various groups in a fun and sporty way, this is a great way to achieve just that!
Another aspect is that through this concept you can promote the understanding between the different groups in our societies in a fun and relaxed way.
The handicapped or older skater can sit in the chair, while the younger skater can push the chair around on the ice rink.
In the case of a sponsored event, it is advised to include this concept in your plans. Experience teaches us that local governments often have funds available for projects where the above mentioned groups actively can participate.